Download client

download a fresh and clean HighFive (H5) Client from anywhere you like, for example:

Get the Patch

Unzip the system folder and overwrite the patch-system folder with the system folder of your L2 installation.

Join Our hard, Low-Rate Lineage 2 Server for Long-Term Play

Dive into a challenging and rewarding experience on our dedicated low-rate Lineage 2 server. It's built for players who enjoy a gradual progression and a more strategic approach to MMORPG gameplay.

Server Features Include

Low Rates: Experience the satisfaction of each level and item gained through hard work and strategy.
Long-Term Gameplay: Designed for sustainability, ensuring you can enjoy a deep and evolving game environment over time.
No Pay-to-Win: Fairness is key, with no GM-shop and no pay-to-win elements, maintaining a level playing field for all players.
Enhanced Game Mechanics: With features like combined Spoiler & Crafter classes and a Rebirth System, our server offers a unique and in-depth gaming experience.
Regular Community Events: Engage in server-wide events that challenge your skills and offer opportunities to win unique rewards.

Why our Server?

Ideal for players looking for a serious MMORPG experience without the rush. Build lasting alliances and rivalries in a community of dedicated gamers. Enjoy a true sense of accomplishment with every progression milestone. If you're ready for a Lineage 2 experience that rewards patience and strategy, our server is the place for you. Register now to start your adventure in a game world that respects your time and investment.